Lessons For Advanced Singers

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Vocal sessions focussed on helping experienced singers excel in a specific area

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Sonic Crew’s singing lessons for advanced singers are aimed at all those singers who want to excel at a very specific aspect of their singing. We offer 4 main types of lesson:


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Vocal lessons designed to help singers overcome specific technical challenges

If you’re struggling to overcome a technical challenge or feel rusty and need to refresh a specific vocal or breathing technique, you might want to focus your attention on the causes that are preventing you from achieving your desired vocal delivery. Typical examples of techniques covered include vocal relaxation techniques that will help you access the top of your range with ease, vocal agility techniques that will allow you to increase pitch accuracy through quick music phrases (think the vocal licks sung by Christina Aguilera or Stevie Wonder). Or breathing techniques to sustain long notes without running out of breath. Sometimes all you need to become a better singer are a few tweaks and a little help from an experienced vocal coach.


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Learn the principles of an effective performance to impress your audience

When it comes to auditioning, more than just a trained voice comes into play. Whether you’re auditioning to join a band or get a part, you typically have a limited amount of time to make a first great impression. So while a well-trained voice is an essential pre-requisite, space awareness, stage technique, eye contact and microphone technique are all fundamental elements you also need to be proficient in. Want to maximise your chances of success? We have the experience and knowledge to transform you into an accomplished performer and allow you to face your next audition with 100% confidence in your performance ability.


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Get the knowledge and confidence to lay down some stunning vocals

Singing in a recording studio requires a specific skill set and approach, in order to achieve the perfect result in terms of execution and sound. Technique, confidence and focus are all necessary ingredients to record a great vocal take, and we can help you develop all of them, teaching you how to expressively sing your songs on-pitch, with good tone and stamina, evaluate your tracks and fix errors. We'll also get you up to speed with studio jargon and teach you the basics of effects such as delay, reverb and compression. This will simplify the communication with your sound engineer and massively help in practical situations such as getting the right headphone mix, enhancing the natural qualities of your voice and giving directions during the final stages of your vocal tracks' mix.

Your vocals are going to be the focal point of your songs, we can prepare you to get a flawless result.


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Select and master the right songs to build a killer repertoire for any occasion

There are situations where having the right repertoire can make or break a deal. These include approaching promoters and venues to get gigs, a manager or an entertainment agency for representation or deciding the playlist for your own demo. We can help you select the right songs, place them in the most effective order and help you master each of the songs with specific vocal techniques and stylistic guidance, to maximise your chances of success.

All our one-to-one vocal classes take place in state of the art singing studios in London (UK). Our vocal studios are equipped with industry standard microphones, recording facilities, vocal rig and wifi access.

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Our Students Say About Us

Andy Brook
I have been having singing lessons with Max for 15 months now and I consider him to be one of the best teachers I have ever had. Each lesson is fun, hard work, informative, and inspirational. I leave with a spring in my step and looking forward to practising what I have learned. My vocal skills have improved far beyond my expectations. Max has unlocked a whole octave of vocal range that I didn't think I had, and I still find myself surprised by my own voice. I have also worked with Max and Alex on music production and found their skill invaluable. I enjoy rehearsing in the professional rehearsal rooms; it makes me feel like I am part of the music industry for that hour. Finally, I would say that the prices charged by Sonic Crew are very good value.

Our Singing Lessons For Advanced Singers At A Glance

Suitable For: Semi-pro or Professional Singers

LevelLocationsPrice P/HAvailabilityTimeVocal Tutor
AdvancedKing's Cross N7£65Tue and Thurs11am - 7:30pmMax Bonanno
Lee SE12£50Mon and Fri
Sat10am - 1pm
LocationsKing's Cross N7 & Lee SE12
AvailabilityKing's Cross - Tues and Thurs
Lee - Mon, Fri and Sat
Time - Weekdays11am - 7:30pm
Time - Saturdays10am - 1pm
Vocal TutorMax Bonanno
Price P/HKing's Cross £65
Lee £50

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