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Improve your singing and boost your confidence while socialising and having fun

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Sonic Crew’s Group Singing Lessons are designed for all those singers who want to learn or improve their singing in a fun and relaxed environment that naturally releases the stress of everyday life and promotes social interaction.

They’re organized in 6-week courses and run for 6 consecutive weeks, on the same day and time. They are also our most cost-effective option and amazing value for money, as we only teach small groups of maximum 4 people, to ensure that every student gets individual feedback.

Our Group Singing Lessons are suitable for beginners or singers with previous experience who need to brush up on their technique and reinforce their confidence.

Over the duration of the course you will be working on:

  • Physical warm-up, to prepare your body for singing
  • Breathing technique, to use your diaphragm effectively
  • Vocal warm-up and technique
  • Microphone technique
  • Stage technique and performance
  • Repertoire (pop, rock, funk, soul)
  • Solo and Group Material
  • Vocal Harmonies

and will receive regular feedback from your Vocal Tutor.

The repertoire covered includes some of the most popular songs from the last 6 decades and a song of your choice to be performed on the last lesson of the course.

Performance opportunities will also be available throughout the year for all our singing students.

Our Students Say About Us

Aneta Matyasik
I took the Beginners Singing Course with Max and found it very useful and extremely enjoyable! I’ve learnt a lot about my voice, practiced lots of breathing and singing techniques and had fun singing a different song every week of the course. I feel a much more confident singer now and really look forward to the start of the new classes. I’m already spreading the word about Sonic Crew London’s Singing Courses amongst my friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who’s got a passion for singing and wants to learn more.

Our Group Singing Lessons At A Glance

Suitable For: Beginners & singers with previous experience who need to reinforce their technique.


  • Have fun and socialize with like-minded singers
  • Learn some of the most beautiful songs from the last 6 decades
  • Cost-effective option
  • Near public transport
DateLocationDay / TimeDurationTutorPrice
17 Apr - 22 MayKing's Cross N7Tuesday6 WeeksMax Bonanno£175
6:30pm - 7:30pm
18 Apr - 23 MayLee SE12Wednesday
6pm - 7pm

North London

Date17 Apr - 22 May
LocationKing's Cross N7
Day / TimeTuesday
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Duration 6 Weeks
TutorMax Bonanno

South East London

Date 18 Apr - 23 May
LocationLee SE12
Day / TimeWednesday
6pm - 7pm
Duration 6 Weeks
TutorMax Bonanno

Read Our Group Singing Lessons T&Cs

Still have questions? Enter your email to request a FREE 20 min consultation

Still have questions? Enter your email to request a FREE 20 min consultation