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Time To Take Your Singing To The Next Level

So, you’ve spent some time working on your vocal technique. You know how to produce a sound with a balanced attack. You can easily project your voice. You can sing in tune and have no trouble with pitch. You can access most of your vocal range without struggle. And breathing with your diaphragm while singing is now second nature. This is when things get really exciting. It’s now time to take things up a notch, as you might now want to start tackling more challenging songs! In order to do that, you’ll need to broaden your technical knowledge.

That’s exactly what our singing lessons for intermediate singers will help you with.

(BTW, if you feel like you haven’t mastered one of more of the elements mentioned above, you might want to have a look at our Singing Lessons For Beginners).

Our Guarantee

We are very confident you will enjoy our singing lessons. But if for any reasons we don’t meet your expectations, we are happy to refund 100% of your fee. Just let us know after your first lesson and fill in a short survey so we can understand how to do better next time. It’s really as simple as that!

What Will You Learn At Singing Lesson?

At our singing lessons for intermediate singers you will receive first class tutoring from experienced Vocal Coach Max Bonanno. You can expect to:

  • Consolidate your breathing and vocal technique
  • Develop vocal register awareness
  • Work on vocal placement
  • Improve your vocal delivery
  • Recognise and use different tone qualities

In other words, you’ll gain a singing technique good enough to allow you to sing beautifully whilst keeping your voice safe. You’ll be able to use your chest and head voice (or modal and falsetto registers) whenever suitable and appropriate. You’ll learn how to use the cavities in your body and skull to enhance the resonance of your voice. And you’ll explore and use the nuances of your voice to deliver amazing renditions of your favourite songs.

Our Singing Lessons for Intermediate Singers are aimed at all those students who are determined to master their singing. Our ultimate goal for is to get you on the right path to fulfilling your singing potential.

What Our Students Say

I have really enjoyed my lessons with Max, he is very patient and clear with his teaching methods

Where, When & How Much?

Lee Green SE12

Mondays, Thursdays, Saturday Mornings

Introductory lesson £55 (60 min)
Subscriptions from £110 per month (2 x 60 min)

King’s Cross


Introductory lesson £70 (60 min)
Subscriptions from £140 per month (2 x 60 min)

Our Singing Lessons For Intermediate Singers take place in state of the art studios in King’s Cross - North London and in a private studio in Lee Green - South East London (UK). Both studios are located near public transport. They are equipped with industry standard microphones, vocal rig, recording facilities and wi-fi access.

Reaching Your Singing Goals Starts With 3 Easy Steps

We love to think we make an impact on the lives of our students, by providing them with first class tutoring. But for us, that’s just a starting point. We think the overall experience is taken to another level when teacher and student work together towards a goal. And that you can really enjoy your passion for singing to the fullest when you have all the means to achieve that goal. For this reason we’ve decided to do things a bit differently and to get to know our 1-2-1 singing students before we embark on a journey of transformation with them. If you’d like to study singing with us, there are 3 simple steps to take:

20 Min FREE Phone Consultation With Sonic Crew London Icon

You will be able to discuss your needs and goals and ask any questions you might have. If we’re both satisfied we will move to the next step.

Provided the phone consultation had a positive outcome, you will be invited to a complimentary 30 min singing lessons at our studio in Lee, South East London. You will get to experience our teaching style first-hand and see if we’re a good fit.

You can sign up to one of our existing plans or create a bespoke plan that’s 100% in line with your needs

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