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5 week acoustic guitar course

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Learn the skills to master the most widely played type of guitar

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Sonic Crew’s 5 Week Acoustic Guitar Course is a comprehensive set of lessons designed to take our students from the beginner level and help them progress comfortably up to the intermediate level. The goal of our Acoustic Guitar Course is to allow each student to play along to any of their favorite songs.

Students can sign up without any previous experience or music theory knowledge.

This course aims to equip our students with the skills required to master the acoustic guitar, with every aspect of playing this specific type of guitar taught in extensive detail. Each class is clearly structured, simple to follow and fun.

All lesson materials and audio files are provided.

Students of our Acoustic Guitar Course will learn:

  • How to tune the guitar
  • Learn how to play chords everywhere on the fretboard
  • Picking and fingerstyle technique
  • A wide range of rhythm patterns
  • How to develop hands’ and arms’ muscle strength (crucial for accuracy)
  • How to identify the chords of a song
  • How to use the capo
  • When to use an open tuning
  • 5 Songs (One per week)

Our Acoustic Guitar Courses run for 5 consecutive weeks on the same day and time slot, as agreed with our students prior to the start of the course.

Suitable for Adult Students and Kids 8+ playing the Acoustic Guitar.

Please Contact Us if you need any further info about the 5 Week Acoustic Guitar Course.