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  • Beautiful Female Singer With A Bandana Learning How To Sing Better With A Microphone
    How To Sing Better
  • Vocal Coach Max Bonanno Directing A Choir In Tileyard Studios, London
    How Is Singing In A Choir Good For The Body And Soul?
  • Post it with new year's resolutions
    How To Stick To New Year's Resolutions
  • Girl with hat, scarf and tissue struggling to keep her voice healthy
    How To Keep Your Voice Healthy This Winter – My Top 3 Tips
  • Confident Singer Alicia Keys Performs With A Microphone
    Become A More Confident Singer In 3 Easy Steps
  • Make Your Voice More Powerful In 3 Easy Steps (…and about 5 minute’s work!)
  • Max Bonanno teaching how to sing All Of Me by John Legend
    How To Sing "All Of Me" By John Legend
  • Interview with singer/songwriter Joe Cleere
    Max Bonanno From Sonic Crew Interviews Joe Cleere
  • Vocal Max Bonanno hold his Shure SM58 microphone next to the blog title: "How To Sing Attention By Charlie Puth"
    How To Sing “Attention” by Charlie Puth – Song Deconstruction
  • Male Singer with headphones, condenser microphone and anti-pop filter
    How To Record The Perfect Demo
  • Tips and advice for an effective vocal warm-up
    Vocal Warm-up Exercises
  • Rock Singer Singing High Notes With Ease
    How To Sing High Notes With Ease
  • Pretty girl belting out a note with confidence
    Top 10 Vocal Health Tips
  • Man looking happy after figuring out how to access his falsetto register
    How To Identify Vocal Registers
  • Main Image for Sonic Crew's blog post "How To Breathe While Singing"
    How To Breathe While Singing
  • Scared pop art girl suffering from stage fright before a vocal performance
    How To Beat Stage Fright
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